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Landscapes, nature and traditions in one incredible journey

TAIWAN ECOTRAVEL is the perfect place if you are attracted by landscapes, nature, and traditions. The NORTH EAST COAST, the Taroko National Park, Jade mountain, SUN MOON LAKE and urban hot spots on the west coast you can find your happy place.

Far away from over-tourism, a Taiwan ecotravel will be a true CULTURAL EXPERIENCE. Visit TAIWAN in spring or autumn to enjoy perfect weather!

eco travel Taiwan

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    The Southwest Coast National Scenic Area

    The Southwest Coast National Scenic Area, which includes the coastal areas of Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan, is known for its sandbanks, marshes, river deltas, and wetlands, which are home to a large number of endemic bird species and serve as a resting place for many migratory birds during the winter. Besides its ecological value, this new scenic area also has a lot of other attractions, such as the traditional production of salt from seawater, the local fishing industry, old temples and other historic sites that make a trip worthwhile.



    Taiwan has 23 million inhabitants. Mountains cover 65% of Taiwan islands surface. To preserve the diversity of natural resources, flora and fauna, 9 National Parks and 13 National Scenic Areas in the island have been set up.

    Also reducing plastic use and recycling waste have been the priority. In twenty years, Taiwan’s recycling rate rose from 0% to 55%. Carbon emissions are a big issue. There are not many green energy solutions, and nuclear energy is still an issue in Taiwan.

    Tourism & People

    Taiwanese love to share their cultural diversity, not only Han, Hakka and Southeast Asian people living on the island, but also 16 Indigenous tribes in Taiwan. These different cultures also bring religious diversity – with a good amount of Buddhists, vegetarian and organic restaurants are easy to find.

    Democracy and freedom are deeply ingrained in this young country. Despite or maybe because of the high population density, Taiwan is a very safe country with good life quality and hygiene standards.


    Explore Taipei's history by foot

    If you like a quiet historical city walk, this is the best route. No matter how much time you have, you can explore the old Taipei city and taste traditional food on a half day walking tour. Start at North Gate (1884) near Taipei main station and visit the historical places nearby (Futai Mension, Post office, Train office, Mitsui Warehouse), continue to Dihua Street with where traditional facades of trading stalls and new year markets from Ching dynasty are well preserved. This old street is famous for its traditional Taiwanese cuisine, souvenir shops and temples. If you have limited time in Taipei, stay close to Ximen Station or near other stops along the blue MRT line. There are some eco hotels to stay in as well.

    One hour on the train to reach the seaside

    Fulong station at the North East Coast is only one hour from Taipei by train. 10 walking minutes out of Fulong station, you will arrive at the coastline. If you spend a night or two in Fulong, you can enjoy outdoor activities like snorkeling, hiking, swimming, canoeing and much more. During certain seasons, artists create sand sculptures on the beach. Cycle along the coast to enjoy the landscape and explore small fishing villages. It’s always good to visit on week days.

    Outside of Sun Moon Lake JIJI Town

    Sun Moon Lake is beautiful and famous. It is crowded at the weekend. It would be good to visit on weekdays. And if you would like a quiet and local town nearby, JIJI is a good choice. It has a wooden historical train station and countryside scenery, with a local fruits industry. Around the end of April to the beginning of May, the firefly season is also a good time to visit.

    National Park in Taipei City

    Yangminshan National Park is located in Taipei City. There are plenty of trails for a hike. If you have time for a day, it would be perfect to visit the city national park, where there are hot springs and volcano heat scenery . The public transportation is convenient; visitor can reach the park in one hour by bus from Taipei main station and Jiantan MRT station.

    Waste recycling in Taiwan

    For separate waste disposal, each city has a different way of recycling. Following the signs on bins is the best way to help recycling. Abandoned batteries can recycled in most of the convenient stores’ counter (7-11). If you have the chance to stay in a residential area, you will see the unique Taiwanese waste truck. The policy in many areas says that waste bags are not allowed on the ground, thus, the waste truck usually drives around after dinner time and plays Beethoven music to remind people to bring their collected rubbish to the truck.


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