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GREECE is a marvelous country in southeastern Europe with thousands of ISLANDS throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. GREEK NATURE is rich in mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, lagoons, and so forth. The large interconnected ecosystem of flora and fauna makes it ideal for conscious travellers to embrace nature. Don’t forget to visit ATHENS and HERAKLION to experience the history and local culture. 

Ecotravel in Greece

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    A historic neighborhood in Athens was at risk of falling apart due to the youth leaving the region. To revive this culturally important area, a project was implemented with the aim of bringing the neighborhood back to life. The project proved to have a lot of success. Kypseli Agora was reborn and now offers a public space for the whole community raising the life of quality again and furthermore leading to the City of Athens becoming the European Capital of Innovation in 2018.


    Traffic and congestion in the streets was a big issue Heraklion was facing. To combat this the city has introduced new bus lines free of charge, on of which goes directly through the city and along popular tourist attraction and runs on fully electric buses to reduce pollution in the air. The implementation of this was very welcomed by inhabitants and residents alike who are very satisfied with the new buses.


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