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While the COVID-19 crisis is set to generate an unprecedented change towards green and responsible travel, myriads of ‘green’ and ‘responsible’ travel websites try to sell business as usual.
In this critical time, the Good Travel Guide promises to offer reliable information to those who want to plan for a quiet, green and 100% sustainable holiday, for the benefit of the planet and of local communities.
Our pledge is to be the only non-profit guide only promoting independently verified and certified travel offer and to undertake an awareness campaign for sustainable and responsible tourism and travel
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We provide neutral information on the responsible travel offer in officially recognized sustainable destinations, including direct booking options to ecolabel (certified) accommodations.
We call upon all travellers to ask for independent proof of any sustainability claim made by travel companies.
We urge all travel companies making green claims to use independent certification to show how sustainable all the elements of their package really are.
We inform travellers what would be a fair amount of money to compensate for the climate footprint of their travel.
We will continue to develop information on sustainable travel and tourism. We plan to offer a responsible or sustainable option for any main group of travellers.
We say to all big and small travel companies, your sustainability claims are false unless and until you put your complete offer to the test. For too long unsustainable and irresponsible packages have been sold as ‘dream holidays’, too many stories have been told to make money at the expense of local communities and the planet.”
Albert Salman, founder of Green Destination
World’s largest network of sustainable destinations with over 200 members

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The Good Travel Guide does not accept advertisement income from non-certified travel companies. This is why we need your help to realise our awareness campaign. In our work we make a maximum use of volunteers and student internships, contributing to the academic and educational training of students from around the world.
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