Good Travel Destinations

The destinations featured in this guide are all certified, awarded or recognized for their sustainability

We encourage you to consider travelling a shorter distance, by choosing to explore destinations closer to home

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Their sustainability recognitions

The Good Travel Destinations have shown evidence of their efforts towards a more sustainable tourism industry. Sustainability recognitions achieved include:
GD Certified

GD Certified

Certification through the Green Destinations Standard is the ultimate level of global recognition for destination quality and sustainable destination management.

Destinations that are in full compliance with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Recognised Green Destinations Standard, will become Green Destinations Certified.

GD Awards

GD Awards

Green Destinations Awards recognize excellence in the primary aspects connected to destination’s quality offer to travellers. Awards recognise excellence in one or several of the aspects, such as Destination Management; Nature, Animals & Scenery; Environment & Climate; Culture & Tradition; Social Well-Being and Business & Hospitality.

QC Platinum Award

QC Awards

QualityCoast Awards are dedicated especially for seaside and waterfront destinations. Specific attention is given to waterfronts, beach management and bathing water quality.

Both Green Destinations Awards and QualityCoast Awards use four different Award levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

2020 Top 100

Top 100 Competition

Top 100 Competition goal is to share these destinations’ innovative and effective sustainability tourism stories and good management practices as inspiring examples to others, to tour operators and to travellers.

These destinations have achieved at least 60% compliance with the Core Criteria of the Green Destinations Standard they were evaluated on (15 core criteria for 1st year participants in the competition and 30 for 2nd year participants).

Members of the Slovenia Green and EcoTourism Australia programs are also eligible to be featured on the Good Travel Guide for their compliance with the G.R.E.E.N values through third-party audits.


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