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A world of trees, peat and water. Being an island, Northern Ireland is an ideal destination on which to focus sustainability.

Northern Ireland is a great destination for local culture. The Culturally Curious project in 2019 put Northern Ireland firmly on the map, in particular for Irish / Spanish / Scottish historical links. From the wilds of the north Antrim coast, to the bustle of Belfast, to the border town of Newry, and all in between there is something for everyone. Paddleboarding, hiking in the Mourne, cycling on the tow path by the Newry to Portadown canal, kayaking on the Bann River, Northern Ireland has it all. From Bangor you can see the glory of the North Antrim coast.
Northern Ireland

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At the moment there is no sustainable tourism offer which meets our criteria. Any destinations and businesses interested in sustainability are encouraged to contact the Good Travel Guide .



Sustainability and Green Tourism are not generally understood except in Belfast with the Weaverscross hub still under construction and its renewable energy built in.

Stena Line and P&O both offer great services to Scotland and Liverpool from ports in Belfast and Larne. The train network, Translink, is clean, comfortable and well run. Bus services in rural areas can be slow, but Northern Ireland is not very big. Cross border services by both bus and train provide excellent sustainable options.

Tourism & People

Northern Ireland has come out of the Troubles well. The people are friendly and helpful. It is safe for visitors, though it is not advisable to talk politics in public. Northern Ireland is multicultural these days, with many people from Spain, Poland, and Lithuania. Cases of overtourism are already being reported in the Mournes.


Day trip

Northern Ireland offers you some nice day trips. You can take a local ferry from the North Antrim coast to Rathlin Island, from Belfast to Bangor on the train, visiting its wonderful beaches and the sea. Consider taking the bus to Craigavon and enjoy the tranquility of the Craigavon Lakes. Or to Lough Neagh, a nature reserve.

Waste separation for recycling

For separate waste disposal, remember this color code: GREEN bin for glass BLUE for paper and cardboard YELLOW for plastics and metal RED batteries Separate WHITE container for reusable clothing.




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